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scared_shorty emoteFew Website Updates
Hello Hello !! I have made some new updates !!! I was struggling to make my website a better place, and now I have finally made some changes. I hope this will make my site function well. So, Let me introduce U to the updates.
1. New CSS Hover effects and responsive images. so, If U are on PC, U can notice some responsive animated effects when U bring mouse pointer near to images.
2. Direct Links to the Latest comics and some Best ones.
3. BOLD and CLEAR Letters.
4. Now, the website looks quite different on DARK MODE. If u have enabled DARK MODE on ur browser, then U see changes in the website's look !!
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blog discussion profile pic VERY SPECIAL MOMENT
A very special moment !! On 28 April 2021 morning, I came up with "@shoe.relatable" 
comics on Instagram. She had made a "comic" and based on that comic, I made a "pic" and sent her. 
Madam got happy with that.  She was really happy, which made me smile, for hours ( literally ). 
She even made the chat that I had with her as a comic and featured my cartoon 
character kiddo !!! And it is here !!!
shoe.relatable comic pan 1 shoe.relatable comic pan 2 shoe.relatable comic pan 3 shoe.relatable comic pan 4 shoe.relatable comic pan 5

What can I say?? Her simplicity in talk and her creativity made my day.
 I just had made a pic and she made this comic !! I somewhere
 inside feel, "was I well deserved for this ?? I had just made a pic" 
I am extremely grateful for this comic !!!!!! Well, "Shoe Hijab theory" won the world.
Anyway, Special moments in life need to be cherished, so did I.
By the way, Her comics are really adorable and cute !! U better check them out,
"shoe.relatable comics"